Our products are entirely prepared in strict compliance with traditions. The imagination of our chef and his associate, allows visitors to enjoy special foods of the regional cuisine of Sardinia and spend a day unlike any other. You will be immersed in the green, and also through the traditional flavors of our cuisine, you will appreciate all that is healthy and genuine we can offer you.

Salami, sausages, ham, bacon, bacon, capocollo open the menu with a variety of original and delicious appetizers.
The delicious cheeses such as smoked ricotta and pecorino cheese.

Our pasta is all homemade with traditional recipes of the past.
The dumplings are worked daily with whole wheat flour seasoned with tomato sauce or meat sauce pork.
The ravioli with ricotta cheese topped with tomato sauce and meat sauce.
The Gallura soup to taste with the typical bread layered between cheese and cow’s milk with the addition of spices, completely soaked in the broth mixed meats, all baked.

Among the latter we find tasty: The roast suckling pig cooked in the oven with potatoes, roast lamb or kid depending on the season.
The tasty “Cut”, ie veal cooked on a griddle and served with seasonal vegetables such as artichokes, rocket and seasonally with asparagus, mushrooms, eggs.

Among the desserts stands the Seadas of puff pastry stuffed with melted cheese flavored with lemon, fried and served with honey or sugar.
In the summer we also serve a great seasonal fruit ice cream: blackberries, prickly pears, figs.

Myrtle, Filu Ferru, Limoncino, fennel, mastic liqueur, all made by hand.